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The Agribusiness STEAM Project focuses on innovative solutions for modern agriculture, blending technology, science, and business practices to enhance productivity, sustainability, and economic growth in the agricultural sector.

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Community Services

The Community Services STEAM Project involves engaging with local communities to address their needs and contribute to positive social impact. Participants collaborate on initiatives such as volunteering, fundraising, and organizing events to support various social causes, fostering a stronger sense of community and promoting empathy and compassion.

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Computer Technologies

Projects related to computer; coding, robotic, and future tech.

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E-Movie is an engaging school project that immerses students in the fascinating world of movie making and short film production. With a strong emphasis on creativity and teamwork, E-Movie offers students a unique opportunity to explore their storytelling abilities and enhance their filmmaking skills. Through hands-on experience, students will develop and produce their own captivating movies, expressing their unique perspectives and ideas. E-Movie encourages collaboration and empowers young filmmakers to discover their passion for cinema while honing their talents in scripting, directing, and editing. This exciting project promises to ignite a love for filmmaking and provide an unforgettable journey into the art of visual storytelling.

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Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the ability to understand and make use of a variety of financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing.

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Kelola Sampah Jadi Rupiah

Mengatur dan mengelola sampah menjadi produk yang bernilai dan bermanfaat.

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Sustainable Living Technology

A revolutionary approach to building and living that seeks to harmonize human existence with nature, while minimizing our ecological footprint and promoting long-term environmental health. It encompasses various aspects of design, construction, and lifestyle choices aimed at creating a balanced and regenerative relationship between humans and the environment.

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The Art of Soap Making

Explore the creative process of crafting unique and fragrant soaps. Participants learn about the chemistry of saponification, experiment with different oils and additives, and design aesthetically pleasing soap creations.

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Touching The Sky with Words

The literacy level of Indonesian students is currently at stake. To arouse the spirit of reading and writing, we are going to spread the English literacy ambience by creating writing products such as anthology, short stories, novels, graphic novels, comics or even traditional gaming tutorials in either printed which can be campaigned via posters/cards or digital formats.

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